Friday, February 11, 2005

Examples of Punishment by Shaming

1. "Bus of shame for bad behaviour"
"The threat of arriving at school on a pink 'punishment bus' is acting as
 a deterrent to badly behaved youngsters"

2. "Shoplifting causes a dilemma"
"An unidentified woman was caught red-handed stealing fish and yogurt at a
 supermarket in Shenzhen near Hong Kong. She was forced to parade outside
 holding a poster reading 'I am a shameless thief.'"

3. "Mail thief to wear sign: 'I have stolen mail'"
"[He] must spend 100 hours in front of a post office with a sign saying
 'I have stolen mail. This is my punishment.' He'll also serve two months
 in prison"

4. "Teen to wear blindfold for stealing adult videos"
"A teen caught stealing adult videos from Popular and Adult Videos in Paine-
 sville will have to stand in front of the store wearing a blindfold for
 four hours"

5. "Man sentenced to ring bell for false alarm"
"[He was] sentenced to ring a bell at several fire stations, and apologize
 in person to firefighters for wasting their time"

6. "Shaming the drunk drivers"
"Judge William White, from Pensacola, Florida, routinely requires those
 convicted of driving under the influence to attach a red and yellow bumper
 sticker that reads: 'How is my driving? Call Toll-Free 1-866-I-SAW-YOU The
 Judge wants to know!!!'"

7. "Traffic offenders hopping to get back on board"
"Police in the crime-ridden Colombian city of Medellin are making miscreant
 motorcyclists play hopscotch on a mat displaying traffic signs"

8. "Drivers made to hop like frogs"
"Truck drivers who are caught speeding in an Indian state are being made to
 hop like frogs"

9. "Bank posts details of bad debtors on website"
"A spokesman for the Meridian Bank said they'd been forced to take the
 measure because public prosecutors failed to take legal action against
 clients who hadn't paid their debts"