Monday, October 3, 2005

Electoral Fun and Games

1. "Wacky occupations listed on electoral roll"
"For instance, Blair Christieson is a lion tamer. Cameron Curd is a Jedi
 Master. Mark Bryan lists his occupation as 'parasite'. Nikolasa Biasny-
 Tule is one of two philosophers in Hamilton East"

2. "Dog enrolled to vote at NZ elections"
"New Zealand's electoral office has asked police to look into how a South
 Island man enrolled his dog to vote prior to last weekend's general

3. "NZ politician keeps election promise, streaks ahead"
"A New Zealand politician who promised to run naked through the streets
 if he lost an election bet attempted to honour his pledge on Sunday, but
 in the nature of politicians he was not prepared fully to expose himself
 to the naked truth"

4. "Political dispute ends in muck"
"A heated disagreement over the prospects of the Center Party at the
 recent national elections literally ended with muckspreading"

5. "Sri Lankan election chief's heart not in it"
"Sri Lankan election chief Dayananda Dissanayake will be running November
 presidential elections but will not be voting - he does not trust

6. "Donkey Wins Colorado Mayoral Election"
"No elephants need apply. This unincorporated area on Saturday re-elected
 Paco Bell, a donkey, as its mayor, and that wasn't even close. Two of the
 four candidates didn't show up... Residents like to poke fun at the
 political process, and they do it by electing a donkey as mayor"

7. "British election a linguist's minefield"
"After using 'dog whistle' policies and even 'playing dead', the main
 United Kingdom Opposition party is hoping to score a 'back-door victory'"

8. "An election experience"  [expired link]
"James Neville achieved a rarity in American politics on Tuesday night.
 He ran unopposed for a third term as mayor in a North Hempstead village,
 and lost"

9. "Lucky dip selects new Sydney deputy mayor"
"Sydney's deputy lord mayor, John McInerney, has lost office after a council
 vote and a lucky dip draw"