Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Today's B-List post is inspired by the phrase:
   "Revenge is a dish best served cold"
cited in the opening of "Kill Bill Volume 1" as a "Klingon proverb".

Actually, the phrase was first used by French writer Pierre Ambroise Francois
Choderios de LaClos (1741-1803). He originally said it in French in his 1782
book Les Liasons Dangereuses:
   "La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid,"

1. "Revenge is a dish best served smelly"
"A spurned wife took revenge on her cheating husband by feeding him a 'dog poo'

2. "Knickers says jilted woman"
"A jilted wife has taken revenge on her cheating husband by hanging his knicker
 collection in their front garden"

3. "Man goes crazy with condiments in Ninth Avenue apartment"
"A man upset his girlfriend filed a domestic battery report against him with
 police Tuesday poured ketchup and barbecue sauce throughout her apartment in
 the 1000 block of Ninth Avenue, breaking furniture and appliances and
 destroying her clothes"

4. "Man drives flaming car into ex's house, cops say"
"Furious about being jilted, Novato police said, the 44-year-old Davis set his
 car on fire and drove the flaming vehicle into his estranged girlfriend's
 Novato home"

5. "Jilted Italian woman 'vandalised 60 Alfa Romeos to get back at ex'"
"An Italian woman has been arrested for allegedly vandalising 60 Alfa Romeo
 cars because they reminded her of her ex-lover"

6. "Owner refused drink, bulldozes pub"
"Customers said Tyrell had barged his way into the pub, demanded a drink and
 'went bananas' when staff refused"

7. "Vengeful waiter vandalizes couple's home"
"A family who angered a waiter at a Norco Sizzler restaurant later was served
 a few dishes they didn't order: a gallon of maple syrup, raw eggs, and rolls
 of toilet paper across their lawn and shrubs"

8. "Raging fan chews off striker's ear - 19 years after match"  [archived at]
"Forward George Reilly, who scored Watford's winning goal in the 1984 English
 FA Cup semi-final, has had his ear bitten off by a disgruntled Plymouth fan
 who had held a grudge over his team's defeat for 19 years"

9. "Dentist 'drilled healthy tooth to punish patient'"
"A dentist drilled away almost half of a healthy tooth to punish a patient who
 owed him money"

A site devoted to all-things revenge: ThePayback.com's
"ThePayback.com is your home for all of your revenge needs"
Provides revenge gift and features some more revenge stories: