Thursday, July 1, 2004

It Fell From The Sky

1. "Meteorite drops in for breakfast"
"The meteorite came through the roof of Phil and Brenda Archer's house in the
 Auckland suburb of Ellerslie at 9.30am on Saturday"

2. "Window arrives via air mail"
"A woman in the Perth suburb of City Beach has received an unexpected delivery
 when a window from a small plane fell into her backyard"

3. "The sky is falling? Uh, not exactly"
"Cadamore believes the mess came from an airplane. In the airline industry,
 it's euphemistically known as blue ice. Most people have far less judicious
 names for it. Such waste apparently is caused by leaks in airplane lavatories"

4. "'Sky Goo': Biological fallout from planes? "
"Unexplained Biologic Material (X-Bios) have been falling out of the sky for at
 least 20 years now. The first widely documented event took place in 1985 in
 Washington state when a woman's porch was covered with a clearish, gel-like
 material that covered her entire porch"

5. "Ice block crashes through roof"
"A block of ice weighing up to five kilograms has crashed through the roof of
 an Auckland house"

6. "Living near a flight path stinks, NZ woman says"
"A New Zealand woman believes her house has been bombed by sewage from a plane
 that flew over it"

7. "Pigeon droppings cause roof collapse"
"She said she ended up with around a year's worth of pigeon droppings on her

8. "Pensioner startled as alligator lands in backyard"
"The alligator had fallen from a fourth floor flat where it was being kept
 secretly as a pet by the tenants"