Thursday, December 16, 2004

Audacious Heists

1. "Golf course stolen piece by piece"
"Sheriff deputies say Donald Ross stole golf balls, tee markers, ball
 washers and numerous other items from the Owasco Country Club.
 Authorities believe Ross took the equipment over a period of three
 years and set up a three hole golf course on his property - he
 shared with his twin brother"

2. "Thieves steal toilet - with man still in it"
"Thieves who stole a public toilet in a Belarus city accidentally
 kidnapped a man who was sitting on it at the time"

3. "Police nab 200-metre bridge thief"
"Polish police say they have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing
 a 200-metre-long, 360-tonne bridge, which had then been sold to a
 scrap metal yard"

4. "Dealers steal 40ft iron bridge"
"A rare iron bridge that survived three wars has been stolen by a
 gang of scrap metal dealers"

5. "Gang 'steals escalator'"
"A gang of 24 men held up builders and looted the construction site
 at Gouwugongyuan station in Shenzhen, stealing an entire escalator
 and six steel pillars"

6. "Police recover more empty beer cans from batch of stolen suds"
"[I]nvestigators are following a sparse trail of empties that have been
 found between Fredericton and Grand Falls, N.B. [Canada], which is
 where the shipment of 50,000 cans of Moosehead was stolen last week"

7. "Robbers net £500k chocolate haul"
"Seven lorries containing chocolate worth about £500,000 have been
 stolen during a robbery in Lancashire"

8. "Stolen truck of doughnuts in police chase"  [expired link]
"A Peoria man was arrested early Monday for allegedly stealing a
 Lester's Tasty Donuts van and leading police on a slow-speed chase
 that began in East Peoria and ended in Canton"