Monday, February 21, 2005

Feats of Endurance

1. "Ice hockey game makes record book"
"A group of 40 Canadian players, who took to the ice on February 11, have
 shattered the Guinness Book of Records for the longest-ever ice hockey
 match by playing for 203 consecutive hours and have vowed to keep skating
 into Monday"

2. "Comedian cracks gags - for 65 hours"
"A Colombian comedian has set a new world record by telling non-stop jokes
 for 65 hours"

3. "Florida college DJ breaks record for longest continuous radio broadcast"
"Plotkin, 25, took to the airwaves at 9 a.m. Monday, and signed off at
 11:03 p.m. Friday, a 110-hour span"

4. "A two day TV-a-thon has taken a Londoner into the record books"
"Allowed only a fifteen minute break every eight hours, Tom sat through
 forty-seven hours and eight minutes of telly, beating the previous record
 by seven minutes and forty-four seconds"

5. "Nine day computer game exhausts boy"
"A 14-year-old Romanian boy has suffered a breakdown after reportedly
 playing a computer game for nine days and nights in a row"

6. "Lecturer experiences ups and downs of setting records"
"An American lecturer in Germany has smashed the Guinness world record for
 non-stop roller coaster riding and is still going strong on day five of
 his amusement park marathon"

7. "Nine-year-old claims world push-ups record"
"A nine-year-old Russian boy is claiming a new world record for the most
 push-ups in six and a half hours"

8. "'Rolling saint' vows to get into Pakistan"
"The saint, who claims to have rolled over 25,000 km, said he would start
 rolling from this Sikh holy city to reach the Wagah border Saturday

9. "Holy man stays standing for 2 years"
"A holy man in northern India has become famous for remaining standing for
 the past two years"

10. "Man kisses car for 54 hours"
"A Chilean man has won a competition after he kissed a car for 54 hours