Tuesday, January 18, 2005

True Confessions

1. "Killer sees Passion, confesses"
"A Texas man who had gotten away with murder confessed to police after
 seeing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ and talking with a spiritual

2. "Bank robbery suspect surrenders after watching new Mel Gibson film"
"A man who robbed a Florida bank in 2001, has given himself up after
 watching Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ"

3. "'Passion' film prompts another confession"  [Norway]
"A Norwegian man trying to put his neo-Nazi past behind him confessed to
 bombing a youth group's headquarters in the 1990s, saying he admitted his
 guilt after seeing 'The Passion of the Christ'"

4. "Conman with a conscience turns himself in"
"A conman with a conscience in Chile called police and asked them to take
 him to prison"

5. "Hen-pecked robber returns haul"
"A hen-pecked robber who stole a cash till full of cash returned it an
 hour later because his wife nagged him"

6. "No surrender for bank robber"
"An Albany man gave himself up to police after seeing himself on TV news
 robbing a bank but was turned away by officers, who told him to come
 back the next day"

7. "Robber gives up because police can't catch him"
"A Briton who robbed several banks in Germany has turned himself in saying
 he is sick of police failing to find him"