Friday, November 7, 2003

Full Moon Fever

In anticipation of the next full moon this weekend, and the release of the
double-cd version of REM's greatest hits package "In Time" (which has a
full moon on the cover and features the track "Man in the Moon"), today's
post has a lunar theme.  There also happens to be a total eclipse of the
moon this weekend.

1. Full Moon Fever
"Headquarters for eclipses, news and lunar lore"

2. Farmers' Almanac - Full moon names and their meanings
Includes "Full Beaver Moon" - November 8.

3. "Watch driving in light of full moon"
"Insurance company finds correlation between bad driving, full moon"

4. "Full moon and lunar effects"
A skeptical look at the effect of the full moon on human behaviour.

5. A different kind of "moon"
a. "Bare faced cheek"
"German police are trying to identify a speeding driver from pictures of a
 bare bottom"
b. "Man drops trousers at royal garden party"
c. "Theatre director drops pants in front of audience"
d. "Bare-faced cheeks could cost German athlete dear"
e. "Man gets extra six months in jail for court moon"