Friday, March 14, 2008

The Unboxing Phenomenon

The simple act of unpacking new gadgets is to some people almost like a
ceremony, worthy of documenting photographically.

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1. "Why Do People Post Gadget 'Unboxing' Photos on the Web?"
"In today's gadget blogosphere, there are few if any new products that
 aren't upon release subjected to an immediate 'unboxing'--a thorough
 and, some may say, pathologically obsessive series of photographs
 documenting exactly what is implied by the name: taking a shiny new
 object out of its multiple layers of packaging, step by exhaustive

2. An Unboxing Blog

3. Flickr: items with the tag "unboxing"
Featuring the Apple //c unboxing:

4. "Opening the Windows Vista box"
Microsoft, maybe feeling a little left out, has its own take on the
phenomenon.  They made it so hard to open the Vista box that they have
a support page on their site with photos on how to do it.