Monday, April 18, 2005

Everyone Will Want One...

1. "Roaming alarm clock keeps snoozers on their toes"
"Scientists in the United States have invented an alarm clock to make even
 the doziest sleepers - who repeatedly hit the snooze button - leap out of

2. "Boy's invention drops toilet seat automatically"
"That annoying habit that most men have of leaving the toilet seat is no
 longer an issue for women in the Attwood household in Palmerston North.
 Ben Attwood, 13, has invented a toilet seat that lowers by itself"

3. "Hi-tech changing room 'will tell you what not to wear'"
"Installed in a changing room, an array of about six cameras would feed data
 to a computer running software that matches particular styles to individual
 body shapes"

4. "German brothers invent internal handbag light"
"The bag will light up when opened thanks to a new type of plastic, which
 can be shaped and doesn't produce heat"

5. "New invention revolutionises spaghetti eating"
"The plate has been designed with a hollow in the middle, which the diner
 uses to twist the spaghetti onto his fork, instead of the usual spoon"

6. "Tea industry turns to pill popping pills solution"
"Indian tea scientists have produced a tea-flavoured pill that can be chewed
 or quickly dissolved in hot or cold water"

7. "Artist invents pierced glasses"
"A Dallas artist has had permanent glasses pierced through the bridge of his

8. "German man's bananas plan"
"A German man who earlier this year tried to have Santa Claus banned, says
 he has a device that can straighten bananas"