Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Stepping Out in the Birthday Suit - Suggestions for Naturists

1. "Film buffs can bare all at cinema"
"A cinema has seen its customer numbers increase since it started staging
 screenings for naturists"

2. "Naked shoppers hunt for bargains"
"Shoppers searched for bargains in the buff on Monday night, at the UK's
 first ever naturist shopping event"

3. "Clothing store to reward naked ambition"
"A youth-oriented clothing store located in the heart of the Portuguese
 capital plans to give away clothes to any customer who is willing to go
 shopping at the shop naked next Wednesday"

4. "Disco dress code - boogie in the buff"
"The club has organised what it claims is Europe's first nudist disco
 night, telling bouncers not to admit the bashful and only those prepared
 to boogie in the buff"

5. "Strip please at art exhibition"
"A gallery owner has created a stir by encouraging visitors to an
 exhibition of nudes to strip off to help them to feel closer to the art"

6. "Naked aggression"
"Nudity abounded at the 'unofficial' curtainraiser for the All Blacks-
 South Africa rugby match on Saturday, with a group of backpackers baring
 all in the name of the game"

7. "Nude volleyball tourney on tap in Pennsylvania"
"The 105-acre White Thorn Lodge nudist park in South Beaver Township,
 Beaver County, will host the 33rd annual Volleyball Superbowl on Saturday
 and Sunday"

8. "Naturism goes mainstream"
"Nudism is to often the subject of jokes that many forget it is a movement
 with millions of serious adherents worldwide"

Thanks to new technology, anybody can now fulfill any latent exhibitionist
tendencies without even taking their clothes off.  All they have to do is
visit Heathrow airport and volunteer to be scanned by a new x-ray machine:
"New UK airport scanner 'undresses' passengers"
"A new X-ray machine at London's Heathrow airport, which sees through
 passengers' clothes, has been attacked by civil liberties campaigners as
 a 'voyeur's charter'. The machine uses low-level radiation to see through
 clothing, producing an anatomically detailed black and white image of the
 body underneath"