Friday, May 21, 2004

High-Priced Cuisine

1. "Hotel charges $1,000 for an omelette"
"It's not made of gold - just eggs, lobster, caviar and a few trimmings"

2. "Gold-topped pizza goes on sale"
"A German restaurant is selling pizzas with a topping that includes 22-carat

3. "£600 salad on the menu"
"Ingredients include golden caviar, truffles, Kreel caught langoustines, Cornish
 crab and lobster, Jabugo ham and white bait wrapped in gold leaf and Florette
 Baby Leaf salad"

4. "Truffle lover"
"Apart from the distinct perfume, much of the fuss relating to this luxury food
 is its price: white truffles can sell between $180 to $250 per 100 grams"

5. "Tasmania's saffron gold"
"With all that labour no wonder the spice which wholesales in Australia for
 $31.60 a gram is by weight, worth more than gold"

6. "Tin of spaghetti worth £710"

7. "Man pays more than $2,500 for a beer"