Tuesday, September 14, 2004

What's In A Name? - Sending The Wrong Message

1. "Name change for Little Dicker chapel"
"The pastor of Little Dicker chapel has changed its name because too many
 'depraved' minds found it funny"

2. "Rude message found on Aero bars"
"According to a source at the factory in York, the words 'S**t bar' appeared
 where the Best Before date and code would normally be printed"

3. "Slang crosses up GM"
"A General Motors executive yesterday admitted that the future Buick model --
 which is set to debut late next year -- will be re-named in Canada after GM
 learned LaCrosse is a Quebec slang term for masturbation"

4. "'Colourful' acronym forces Iraq army name change"
"The planned force was originally entitled the New Iraqi Corps, whose initials
 in Arabic produce a colourful synonym for fornication"

5. "Family sick of living on Butt Hole Road"
"They say people posed for pictures outside their house in Conisbrough, many of
 them with their trousers dropped"

6. "Wyo. seeks name change for 'obscene' road"
"County Road 6FU southwest of Cody got its name in 1980, when Park County
 adopted an alpha-numeric road naming system"