Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Animals In The Workforce II

1. "Mayor hires parrot to answer 'undesirable questions'"
His reason: "Some people only approach me with nonsense talk so the parrot will
answer back in the same way because I need to use my time to work"

2. "Firm hires parrot to answer phone complaints"  [broken?]
"A busy restaurant chain has found a novel way to field phone complaints from
 elderly customers: It's hired a parrot to answer the calls"

3. "Cats stand guard over Russia's artistic treasures"
"Saint Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum is well known as home to some of the
 world's greatest artistic treasures. A lesser-known collection at the museum
 is an army of cats, its praetorian guard against rats."

4. "Camel is appointed as Sheriff's deputy"

5. "Sew far, sew good for sewing bird"
"Customers at a tailors in west England have been left in stitches after Baggio,
 the owner's pet cockatiel, showed he has picked up the knack of sewing by
 watching his master"

6. "Puppy appointed classroom assistant"

7. "Bees, giant African rats used to sniff landmines"

---- Photoshop Contest: Animal Dayjobs