Monday, June 13, 2005

Examples of Customer Relationship Mismanagement

1. "Outrage at energy company howler"  [expired link]
"A Melbourne man is seeking an apology from energy company TXU after it
 sent him a letter addressed to 'Paranoid Fool'"

2. "Shock over 'strangling' tax letter"
"A woman who contacted the Inland Revenue for help was stunned when
 officials wrote back calling her 'Mrs Deserves-Strangling'"

3. "Home Office enquiry into 'racist' letter"
"The Home Office has promised an urgent investigation into letters it sent
 to a Nottingham asylum seeker addressing him as 'Mr Paki'"

4. "Valentines cards prove the wrong medicine"
"A pharmaceutical company that sent anonymous Valentine's cards to Dutch
 gynaecologists in a publicity stunt has been forced to apologise for
 sparking family rows"

5. "Insurer apologises over letter gaffe"
"Insurance giant Scottish Widows has apologised after sending out 100
 letters offering health cover to people it knew had died"

6. "NTL admits billing letter blunder"
"NTL has apologised after sending out 800 letters by mistake to customers
 demanding payment on 'overdue' accounts"

7. "Global village"
"Customers who rang the helpline of one of Britain's biggest cable TV
 companies were shocked to be told to 'f--- off'"