Friday, July 2, 2004

Here Come The Clowns

1. "Clowns miss Livingstone with custard pies"
"The Mayor of London managed to avoid the group of angry protesters campaigning
 against his traffic plan"

2. "20 clowns surprise BART riders and a train becomes a fun house"
"Red-nosed activists turn one trip into political theater"

3. "Clowns put on show, rob bus in Mexico City"
"Two teenagers dressed as clowns climbed aboard a microbus Sunday near Mexico
 City's airport, did a song-and-dance routine and then robbed everyone on board"

4. "Clowns robbed guards and joined carnival"
"Five robbers dressed as clowns stole £100,000 from security guards as they
 tried to load a cash machine with money in Mexico"

5. "U.S. takes Greenpeace to court in unusual trial"
Photo caption: "A Greenpeace protester dressed like Ronald McDonald waves
 from a police car after he was removed by police after attaching himself
 to the gates of the distribution center of fast food giant McDonald's in
 Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand"

6. "Clown shortage is no joke"
"'We are facing a dire shortage of clowns'"

7. "Who's the first Bozo? Clown Hall of Fame switches honor"
"the hall was duped to believe Harmon created Bozo and didn't find out the
 truth until columnist and entertainment producer Buck Wolf
 reported Harmon was wrongly laying claim to the character"

8. "Clowning around: Event manufactures tons of smiles"
"Clowns of every hue and species descended on the Square on Saturday to
 spread joy and laughter during the ClownTown parade"