Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Major-League Embarrassment

1. "Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenaged girl"
"Flesh and bone triumphed in the first ever man-versus-machine battle of
 brawn - an arm wrestling contest between robots and humans in California
 on Monday. The champion, beating all three robotic arms each in matter of
 seconds, was a 17-year-old girl called Panna Felsen, a high school student
 from San Diego, US."

2. "Double dress disaster for celebrities"
"Popstars reject Javine Hylton and Page Three model Leilani Dowling have
 turned up at a celebrity party looking virtually identical"

3. "Cheerleader accidentally puts 'I' in 'Team'"
"Brenning was doing her part in her squads famous home court 'go team' cheer
 when she accidentally yelled out the letter 'I' instead of the letter 'A'
 during the ritual cheer spelling of the word 'team'"

4. "Roadworkers tells motorists to mind the BMUP"
"[T]he painters also put up a sign that read SLOW MEN WORKING"

5. "Seeds of destruction"
"Road workers trimming weeds north of San Francisco inadvertently cleared
 away some of the world's last wild examples of a rare plant"

6. "Man crashes after receiving safe driving award"
"A deliveryman crashed his van two hours after his bosses gave him a safe
 driving award"

7. "600 Thai cops fail traffic law test"
"The police department last month tested 4,475 officers on their knowledge
 of traffic law, and almost one in seven failed to show adequate knowledge"

8. "Swiss conductor misses her own train"
"'This pretty young lady with curly blonde hair was still carrying her
 machine for selling tickets,' Joel Gillieron told Le Matin. 'In 10 years
 of taxi driving, I've never seen anything like that!'"

9. "Jetliner Making Runway U-Turn Gets Stuck In Mud"  [expired link]
"An American Airlines jet slid into a muddy field between the two major
 runways when the pilot aborted a U-turn"


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