Monday, March 14, 2005

Getting Away With It - Almost

1. "Woman 'spent more than a year in hotel without paying'"
"Fumi Takemiya clocked up a bill of more than £14,000 during her 379-day
 stay at a hotel in the southwestern city of Usuki"

2. "NYU student slept in the library ? full time"
"A New York University sophomore who says he spent eight months sleeping
 in a library basement because he couldn't afford campus housing has been
 moved to a free dormitory room... Scores of students read about Stanzak?s
 daily adventures on his Web journal,, and he became
 something of a campus celebrity"

3. "Zimbabwe female athlete 'was man'"
"One of Zimbabwe's leading junior athletes, who has won several gold medals
 in women's events, is really a man"

4. "Woman poses as army officer"
"A woman posing as a military officer conned her way onto a British airforce
 base and lived there undetected for five months, even running up a large
 bar bill"

5. "Jail for cleaner who set himself up as a dentist"
"Using the certificate and a forged document from the Vienna Chamber of
 Medical Practitioners, he got a job in a dental practice as a replacement

6. "Bogus doctor jailed for 10 years"
"He admitted 30 charges, at Middlesex Crown Court, of preparing psychiatric
 reports on hundreds of asylum seekers"

7. "Bogus doctors surgery operated for more than 20 years"
"Five women including a former primary school teacher and a waitress ran a
 doctors surgery in Switzerland for more than two decades without being

8. "Arrest in bogus worker inquiry"
"Detectives investigating a series of incidents on Teesside involving a
 bogus social worker have arrested a woman"