Monday, March 7, 2005

Modern Law Enforcement Techniques

1. "Lamborghini becomes cops' anti-getaway car"
"If you are thinking about speeding on Italian highways this year, think
 twice: you might find yourself being chased by a Lamborghini"

2. "Police chief's advice: 'Feed stray dogs'"
"An Indian police chief is asking bank managers to feed stray dogs to
 encourage them to guard their premises"

3. "Cops hatch pizza delivery plot"
"Police in Portsmouth hope to enlist pizza delivery people and hotel clerks
 to help cut into underage drinking and parents who allow it"

4. "Police hope large moustaches will 'intimidate' criminals"
"Policemen in central India are growing large moustaches in a bid to join
 an elite force of officers picked to tackle criminals"

5. "Police chief turns to the long arm of the Lord"
"A police chief has unveiled a new crime-busting tactic - praying"

6. "Police pray for divine intervention"
"Police chiefs in Bournemouth have asked church leaders to pray for a cut
 in crime"

7. "Holed-up suspect talks to robot for five hours, then gives up"
"Authorities negotiating the surrender of an armed man who barricaded himself
 in a home used a communications robot to keep up a long conversation before
 the suspect's surrender over the weekend"

8. "Polish police given bonuses to arrest criminals"
"Polish police officers are to be given a cash bonus for every criminal they

9. "Spider web sought to net bridge jumper"
"It wants inventors to design and build a gun that can capture would-be
 jumpers in a spider-like web"

10. "Indian village has no need for police"
"The village council of Rajsamdhiyala, Gujarat, has kept police away by
 evolving a method of fines to keep crime under check"