Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Animals Hogging the Road

1. "Shepherds drive flock through central Madrid"
"Visitors to Madrid could have been forgiven for thinking they had
 stepped back into the Middle Ages when shepherds drove 1,200 sheep
 through Spain's bustling capital, laying claim to ancient migration

2. "Elephant escapes, blocks traffic in Manila"
"An elephant escaped from a circus Thursday and ran among pedestrians
 and motorists on a busy Philippine highway before a truck driver
 blocked its escape"

3. "Pigs cause chaos on Austrian motorway"
"Nearly 200 pigs escaped onto a busy motorway in Austria after the
 lorry carrying them turned over"

4. "Moose loose on city streets"
"A wild moose wandered in from the forest surrounding Norway's capital
 Friday, startling early risers who spotted it ambling through downtown

5. "Deer on the loose in Sydney streets"
"Residents of Sydney's inner-west are being asked to report sightings
 of a stray deer that evaded capture yesterday"

6. "Road closed: Snake traffic"
"Twice a year, during migration season, a government-owned road here
 closes to vehicle traffic in order to protect reptiles and amphibians"

7. "15,000 caribou stop the traffic in Labrador"  [expired link]
"The world's largest herd of caribou is using a major highway for its
 annual migration this year, causing unprecedented traffic tie-ups in
 Labrador that may last well into next spring"

8. "Wayward koala eludes police"
"Police from Churchill, in Victoria's south-east, have spent a busy
 morning trying to apprehend a wayward koala which was disrupting
 traffic at the town's main intersection"

9. "Emu on the run in northern suburbs"
"Three emu were spotted roaming the northern suburbs. One was found in
 a forest preserve near the Chicago Botanic Garden"