Monday, February 7, 2005

Just the Ticket + Atom

1. "German radar police stumped by parking ticket"
"An over-zealous policeman has slapped a parking ticket on the windshield
 of a fellow officer's squad car while his colleagues were setting a radar
 trap to catch speeding motorists in a town in eastern Germany"

2. "Warden gives bus parking ticket"
"A bus driver was issued with a parking ticket after stopping to pick up

3. "Traffic police investigated after driverless car charge"
"Driving in the bus lane without a driver is perhaps the most bizarre
 charge levelled at bemused motorists by Rome's over-zealous traffic

4. "Car ticketed after yellow lines appear"
"A teenager has been given a parking ticket after double-yellow lines were
 painted on either side of his car"

5. "Yellow lines painted under driver's parked car"
"Driver Steve Tether received a parking ticket after workmen painted yellow
 lines under his car"

6. "Swedish man bewildered over British parking ticket"
"A Swedish man says he has received a ticket for illegally parking his
 snowmobile in Great Britain - even though the vehicle has never left

7. "Man clamped while buying ticket"
"A chauffeur was clamped while buying a parking permit"

8. "Mother fined while getting ticket"
"A young mother has reportedly been given a parking fine because she took
 too long to get a car park ticket"

9. "Parking attendant 'books bunny'"
"A pet shop owner was left in a stew when a traffic warden gave one of
 ticket on the rabbit's hutch in his shop in Eccles, Greater Manchester"

10. "Small cars get ticketed in SUV land"
"The city parking lot where he had found a spot has two rows of slots
 reserved for vehicles 6-foot-5 inches or taller, according to sign posted
 in the garage. Wainwright, with his Acura, was too short to park there"


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