Monday, July 26, 2004

Some Things That Are Good For You

1. Playing games
a. "Video games 'good for you'"
"The study found that 'shoot-em-up' style games that feature enemies that
 pop out of nowhere sharply improve attention skills"
b. "Video game skills may give edge in life"
"Researchers are finding players can make sharper soldiers, drivers and
c. "Games at work may be good for you"
"Playing simple computer games at the office could improve productivity
 and job satisfaction"

2. "Even fake laughter is good medicine"
"'Forced laughter is a powerful, readily available and cost-free way for
 many adults to regularly boost their mood and psychological wellbeing'"

3. "Scientists say singing boosts immune system"
"They found that concentrations of immunoglobin A - proteins in the immune
 system which function as antibodies - and hydrocortisone, an anti-stress
 hormone, increased significantly during the rehearsal"

4. "Sleep may help restore memories"
"[S]leep can rescue memories in a biological process of storing and
 consolidating them deep in the brain's complex circuitry"

5. "Mediterranean diet 'extends life'"
"Drinking red wine and cooking with olive oil may help us to live longer,
 say scientists"

6. Chocolate
a. "Cup of cocoa may keep doctor away"
"This latest study suggests cocoa may be richer in antioxidants than better
 known 'healthy' drinks like tea and red wine"
b. "Dark chocolate boosts antioxidant levels"
"Eating chocolate can boost the level of heart-protecting antioxidants in the
 blood, but consuming milk at the same time cancels the potential health

7. "Caffeine may protect muscles from exercise pain"
"University of Georgia researchers found that caffeine reduced thigh muscle
 pain during cycling exercise"

8. "Going for a pint could be good for the mind"
"Researchers from University College, London, found that while a drink with
 your friends may be bad for your waistline, it could be good for your mind"

9. "Guinness 'can reduce risk of heart attacks'"
"The researchers say it works as well as aspirin in preventing blood clots
 that can lead to heart attacks"

10. "Cinnamon spice produces healthier blood"
"Just half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day significantly reduces blood sugar
 levels in diabetics"