Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Losing Their Cool

1. "Man burns down home over no gifts"
"A man angry that he got no presents for Christmas burned down his
 parents' house early the next morning"

2. "Man goes berserk at Burger King"
"A Burger King customer berated the employees and nearly hit one of them
 with his truck after the clerk at the drive-thru window told him they were
 out of french fries"

3. "Man accused of ramming car ahead of him in fast food drive-through lane"
"Easton police Tuesday arrested an Easton man accused of ramming his car
 into the van in front of him in the McDonald's drive-through lane because
 its occupants were taking too long to place their order"

4. "Kapow! Bam! Superheroes in food fight frenzy"
"Their fictional counterparts might be tireless battlers for truth and
 justice but when three British men dressed as Spiderman, Superman and
 Batman came to blows the reason was far more prosaic - a shortage of

5. "Phone rage in Fargo"
"A man who said he was fed up with his cellular phone service went to a
 Fargo mall and started hurling phones across a store, striking an
 employee and causing more than $2,000 in damage"

6. "Feud leads to mini-demo derby"
"The parking lot of C & W Auto Glass was the scene of a violent automotive
 encounter Monday, when two Godfrey men repeatedly rammed vehicles in a
 quarrel that broke out over the affections of a woman"