Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Airport Dramas

1. "Naked Canadian man jumps on moving Qantas jet"
"A Canadian man angry that he was refused a plane ticket to Australia at Los
 Angeles International Airport has stripped naked, climbed a barbed wire fence,
 sprinted across the tarmac and climbed into the wheel well of a moving jumbo

2. "Stripper in airport scare"
"A drunken woman looking for a place to sleep slipped past security and onto an
 aircraft at Aberdeen airport in Scotland where she dozed unnoticed for several
 hours, sparking a review of security"

3. "Air passenger dropped his trousers"
"A passenger at Cologne airport stunned staff who asked him to remove his belt
 by taking off his trousers instead"

4. "Man in pyjama bottoms beats US airport security"
"A US airline passenger drove a baggage tractor on to a runway while wearing
 only a pair of pyjama bottoms"

5. "Boy, 4, sneaks onto airport conveyor belt"
"A four-year-old boy caused chaos at a Norwegian airport this week when he
 hopped aboard a luggage conveyor belt next to an unstaffed check-in desk"

6. "Woman drives car through airport terminal"
"A woman returning her rented car to an airport drop-off point - drove the
 vehicle through a terminal building"

7. "Spilled nail varnish on plane prompts emergency at German airport"
"A spilled bottle of nail varnish on-board an aircraft prompted emergency
 services to rush into action at an airport in northern Germany"

8. "Vibrator closes airport"
"An adult sex toy sparked a security scare which closed an Australian airport
 for nearly an hour"

9. "Drunken flight attendant beats up passenger"
"Drunken passengers often give air crews trouble, but Russia's leading airline
 on Tuesday reported an 'unprecedented' reversal: a passenger was assaulted by
 intoxicated flight attendants"