Monday, December 6, 2004

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

1. "Man bites dog (and a policeman)"
"Police say an officer and his dog were bitten by a man resisting arrest
 in Kansas City"

2. "Man 'bites off wife's ear'"
"A drunken German man reportedly bit off his estranged wife's ear just
 minutes after attempting a reconciliation"

3. "Woman swallowed sister-in-law's ear"
"An Indian woman has been accused of eating her sister in law's ear in a
 row over a debt"

4. "Boy bites off girlfriend's lip"
"Police in Chile are searching for a teenager who bit his girlfriend's
 lower lip off after she finished their relationship. According to the
 La Cuarta newspaper, the girl decided on the split partly because he
 was a bad kisser"

5. "Woman bites off part of boyfriend's tongue"
"A St. Paul woman who became frightened Wednesday morning when her
 boyfriend squeezed her too tightly while they kissed bit off part of
 his tongue"

6. "Wicked landlord!: Bites off tenant's nose, then sends him packing"
"An Abuja landlord who bit off the nose of his tenant during a minor
 brawl says he committed the act unknowingly"

7. "Hungry customer bites grocer's ear off"
"A grocer had his ear bitten off by a hungry customer when he refused
 to let him have a free watermelon"

8. "Bus maniac bites man's ear"
"'[H]e lunged and put his arm around my throat before biting my ear and
 tearing off a length and spitting it out'"

9. "Wedding guest bites off man's finger"
"'[T]he father came to the son's rescue, struggling with the suspect,
 and he apparently had his finger bit off at that time'"

10. "Finger flushed down toilet"
"The two women started fighting and the 25-year-old allegedly grabbed the
 23-year-old victim's right ring finger and bit it off... The boyfriend
 and other people at the house broke up the fight and somebody picked up
 the finger and flushed it down the toilet"