Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Silk Purse or a Sow's Ear?

1. "Sudsie the cleanest pig, carved out of soap"

2. "Cheesy artist installs bed of ham"
"An artist best known for decorative cheese has broadened his palette - or
 palate - to ham"

3. "Edam to build church out of cheese"

4. "Woman makes Harley Davidson from butter"

5. "Jewelled cow fetches record price"
"An exotic sculpture of a cow encrusted with 15,000 pieces of crystal glass
 has been sold for charity for the record sum of 150,000 euros"

6. "Lingerie designer makes bra and knickers from human hair"

7. "Lodi woman creates fowl collectibles from foul substance"

8. "Scientists invent cardboard piano"
"It's a mover's dream and sure to capture the fancy of anyone who tickles the
 ivories: a grand piano made only of cardboard that sounds almost like the
 real thing"

9. "Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear - pigskin purses and decorations"