Monday, January 24, 2005

Formula for Embarrassment

1. "Ralf 'can't park'"
"Ralf Schumacher can't park a car properly and drives worse than a woman,
 according to his wife Cora"

2. "One rookie driver and bang goes a flawless £200,000 diamond"
"A diamond worth £200,000 embedded in the nose of a Jaguar Formula One car
 was lost when its rookie driver crashed in yesterday's Monaco Grand Prix"

3. "Formula One star caught speeding"
"Juan Pablo Montoya was caught speeding on a French highway at 205
 kilometres an hour"

4. "Racing driver scoots into trouble"
"A warrant has been issued for the arrest of former Formula One racing
 driver Eddie Irvine after he was caught speeding on a scooter in London
 with no licence and no insurance"

5. "F1 star's 14-year-old sister caught joy-riding"
"The 14-year-old sister of Formula One star Heinz-Harald Frentzen is in
 trouble after taking her mum's Mercedes for a spin around town"

6. "Rally drivers face ban for speeding"
"The world's top rally drivers - including Richard Burns, Colin McCrae
 and Carlos Sainz - are facing being banned from driving on roads in
 the UK after being caught speeding"

(a John West post)