Monday, March 29, 2004

Take Your Time Part 1 - Late Mail

Yes it's been a while since the last b-list posting - two weeks in fact.
A couple of things popped up which prevented me from having the time to
prepare the b-lists.  Things should get back to normal (whatever that is)

1. "Better late than never"  [USA]
"A letter posted with a 10-cent stamp in San Francisco has arrived in Council
 Bluffs - 35 years after it was sent"

2. "Better late than never"  [Sweden]
"A postcard sent from southern Sweden in 1982 arrived at its destination in
 the centre of the country last month, more than 21 years later"

3. "Bulgarian postcard mailed in 1988 finally reaches its destination"
"A postcard mailed from Bulgaria in 1988 has reported finally reached its
 Czech destination 15 years late"

4. "Xmas card arrives after 10 years"
"A Christmas card sent from Zagreb has taken 10 years to reach its destination
 in Sesvete, 10km from the capital"

5. "59-year-old paycheck finally delivered to rightful owner"
"A Hays man was surprised recently to receive a paycheck. He doesn't remember
 doing anything to earn it, and the check was issued in 1944"

6. "Council responds to letter seven years late"
"A man who wrote to the local council to oppose a planned tree-felling operation
 has received a reply seven years later"