Thursday, March 3, 2005

Mutant (Non-Ninja) Turtles and Other Animals

Blinky has some new friends.  Some items contain images that may freak you

1. "Shell shock at two-headed tortoise"  [England]
"A two-headed tortoise has come out of its shell in Dorset to find itself
 in the media spotlight"
   "Rare two-headed turtle found"  [USA]
"Two-headed turtles don't normally live longer than a year. However, the
 family's veterinarian says the turtle is in perfect health and as long as
 he continues to eat, he'll be just fine"

2. "Six-legged frog"
"A six-legged frog has been found at a restaurant in China"
   "Girls discover deformed frog"  [Minnesota, USA]
"A group of girls catching baby frogs on a family pond in Minnesota dis-
 covered a leopard frog with 23 toes. The frog also has five legs"
   "5-legged frog finds new home"  [Mississippi, USA]
"A cat found the amphibian in Kiln, Miss., and brought it to its owner"

3. "Three-eyed, double-mouthed calf in good health"
"A calf born in an east Texas town, about 60 miles east of Dallas, is
 thriving despite its two mouths and three eyes"

4. "Two-headed lamb born in China"
"The lamb, one of four born to the same ewe, has four eyes and two mouths"

5. "Rare albino blue crab found"
"Its shell was translucent enough to watch the water and air sloshing in
 its gills when it was out of the water"

6. "Hen produces spoon-shaped egg"
"[T]he hen had laid a spoon-shaped egg, 8.5 centimeters long and 35 grammes
 in weight"
   "Perfectly formed egg found inside egg"
"The smaller egg measures 3cm in length - around a quarter of the size of the
 egg it came in, which also had a yolk"
   "Hen egg found in duck egg"
"Residents of a Romanian village are baffled after an elderly farmer found a
 hen egg inside a duck egg"

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