Friday, February 4, 2005

Human Billboards

1. "Man rents out forehead"
"A web-page designer who auctioned off the use of his forehead for
 advertising space is letting it go to his head"

2. "Bald man's head auctioned for ad space"
"Jeremy Martin, 21, says he will tattoo the name and logo of the highest
 bidder on his bald head for a price"

3. "Pregnant woman sells bump as billboard"
"A single mum-to-be is auctioning off her bump as advertising space on eBay"

4. "Woman rents cleavage in eBay auction"
"Says Angel in her eBay listing for ample 42GG breasts: 'No longer
 restricted to USA based advertising, you can now rent my cleavage for
 a period of 15 days, during which I will display your company logo,
 slogan or web-site address in the form of a temporary tattoo you will
 supply to me"

5. "The human billboards"
"Two young Sydney entrepreneurs and best mates have come up with an
 innovative marketing scheme: canvas vests with built-in mini tele-
 visions that show moving advertisements"

6. "'Billboards' that walk, talk, and even flirt a little"
"Eleven-inch, flat television screens adorn the fronts of T-shirts worn
 by winsome women deployed to be, in the words of the product's developer,
 'aggressively friendly'"

7. "Advertising spreads - to beggars' coats"
"Homeless people in Holland are being given free winter coats - on the
 condition they allow firms to advertise on them"

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