Friday, June 25, 2004

Reality TV Update

Enough already!  Reality TV has dominated our small screens for too long and
needs a serious reality check of it's own.  Here are some news items about
upcoming and/or recent show ideas.

1. "INXS to star in reality TV show"
"Rock group INXS are to search for a new lead singer on a reality TV show"

2. "German TV show tests exactly how low people will go"
"A German TV station is offering people big-money prizes in return for acts of
 public shamelessness"

3. "German reality show to help men get partners back"
"A German TV station wants men for a reality show in which they'd learn how to
 win estranged partners back"

4. "Power Idol? Now politicians audition for votes"
"The producer behind the reality TV hit Big Brother is in talks with broad-
 casters about a political version of Pop Idol - a nationwide show designed to
 choose a brand-new candidate for election"

5. "Taxi show gives voters a lift"
"The idea is simple: get the country's rulers to drive a cab around the capital
 Belgrade, pick up customers at random, and broadcast the results"

6. "Reality TV show wants British family to head 'down under'"
"Television producers are searching for a British family to emigrate to
 Australia and be transported back in time 200 years to recreate the lives of
 early settlers 'down under'"

7. "Internet surfers will be able to watch paint dry"
"Viewers will be able to watch a different kind of paint dry on an empty wall
 each day. They'll also be able to vote for their favourite paint"

8. "Amish reality show canned after protests"
"The program, tentatively called Amish in the City, planned to show five young
 people from the religious group living with mainstream youth"

9. "Baby conceived on Big Brother"
"It is believed to be the first conception in the history of the reality
 television show"

10. "Reality shows set to dominate world TV scene"
"Analysts say the low-budget reality show formats are hugely attractive to
 program makers as the television business begins to show signs of coming
 out of its financial doldrums"

A Directory to Reality TV on the web

Some notables:
* "High School Reunion"
"Former classmates have the chance to pursue their secret high school crush,
 to get revenge on the bully who made high school unbearable, to show off a
 new and improved body, or maybe even to fall in love"
* "Cheaters"
* "Mad Mad House"
* "Miss Dog Beauty Pageant"
* "Pimp My Ride"