Monday, February 28, 2005

A Guide to the Gentle Art of Diplomacy

1. "Jordanian prince requests Bush brain viewing"
"'We need respect, intellectual tolerance, Mr President of the United States,
 of a meeting of minds... and if you actually have one, I'd like to see it'"

2. "No charges for Bush insult"
"Sweden's former migration minister will not face charges for calling
 President Bush 'that damn old man from Texas'"

3. "Brand's whiff of controversy"
"The BBC has apologised to the Albanian ambassador after Jo Brand offered to
 break wind to the tune of their national anthem"

4. "Anger over Zimbabwe anthem gaffe"
"A Zimbabwean minister has accused the African Cup of Nations' organisers of
 trying to demoralise their team by playing the wrong national anthem"

5. "Norwegian prince misplaces Portugal"
"Norway's Crown Prince Haakon caused a stir in his debut as royal host by
 placing Portugal on the Mediterranean Sea in a speech delivered in honor of
 that country's visiting president"

6. "Snot flies in Taiwan-Singapore row"
"Taiwan's foreign minister has sparked a diplomatic row by calling Singapore
 'the size of a piece of snot'"


Poor Dubya, he just can't seem to get any respect...
*  Google Maps search:
Ok, I expected #1 (A), but the Australian Embassy Library at #5 (E) is a
surprise(?).  Perhaps that's where #1 spends his time reading his favourite

* Fuzzy Math
(thanks Antonino)