Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Take Your Time Part 2 - Late Returns

1. "Woman returns 94-year-old overdue book"
"At the 1909 rate of 2 cents per day, the late fine would have amounted to $685.
 But the library directors decided to waive the penalty."

2. "His tale's one for the book"
"Clearly stamped on an inside page under the imprint of the then-Mallorytown
 Public Library was the due date: Dec. 23, 1909"

3. "Man returns library book to Malta 42 years late"

4. "Worker returns money stolen 23 years ago"

5. "Man gets trombone back after 32 years"

6. "How Bill Wyman got his bass back"
"For more than 15 years, a teardrop-shaped guitar hung on the bedroom wall of
 New Zealand musician Nick Sceats"

7. "Lost luggage returns after 24 years"

8. "Repaired spectacles turn up 12 years later"

9. "Cyclist gets cash refund, 40 years on"
"A wallet lost in southern Sweden more than 40 years ago has been returned to
 its owner, with her cash still in it"

10. "Wisconsin woman gets purse back year after theft"