Monday, May 10, 2004

Man Bites Dog!

A journalistic cliche:
   "Its not news when dog bites man, but its news when man bites dog".

Today's post provides actual news stories where man (or woman) bites
dog (or some other animal).

1. "Man bites dog to flee police"  [South Africa]
   "A man fleeing police in the South African city of Durban bit the dog
    and police officer ordered to apprehend him"

2. "Man bites dog to death"  [China]
   "A man has bitten a dog to death in eastern China after it attacked him
    as he walked home with friends after a night out"

3. "Syracuse police say man bites dog"  [NY state, #1]
   "33-year-old man faces charges that he bit a police dog during a
    disturbance outside a downtown bar"

4. "Man bites dog"  [NY state, #2]
   "Richard Robbins, a dog owner in New York state, decided that attack
    was the best form of defence when his Siberian husky, Gina Marie, was
    set upon by a pit bull terrier while out on a walk at the weekend: he
    bit the pit bull"

5. "Woman bites dog - twice"
   "A 73-year-old woman in the US state of Tennessee saved her young
    Scottish terrier by biting an attacking pit bull"

6. "Man bites dog"  [Florida]
   "An inebriated man arrested after a hit-and-run accident is in the  
    doghouse in Pompano Beach, Florida, for biting a police dog coming  
    after him

7. "Man bites dog in case of drunken drug deal assault"  [Canada]

8. "Dog bites you never hear about"
   Three stories:
    * Man bites dog
    * Woman bites dog
    * Man bites man (dog is puzzled)

9. "Man bites crocodile"

10. "Baby bites snake"