Monday, April 11, 2005

Red-Faced Firefighters

1. "Woman sues city after alleged fire pole mishap"
"A 30-year-old USAA employee is suing the city of San Antonio for injuries
 she received when she fell trying to slide down a fire pole... The woman
 claims on-duty firefighters served them beer and invited them to try on
 boots and fire helmets. They also allowed them to sit on the fire truck
 and slide down the station's fire pole"

2. "Firefighters finnish off own sauna"
"A squad of firefighters in Finland has accidentally set their own sauna
 ablaze but could not extinguish the fire, despite their training"

3. "Firefighters stumped by blaze next door"
"A group of firemen were forced to watch helplessly as a house burnt to the
 ground next to their station"

4. "Fire truck catches fire, burns down its own station in small Alabama town"
"The engine of the truck had been turned off, but some malfunction, possibly
 a gasoline leak, caused a fire under the hood"

5. "Fire station bursts into flames while firefighters are out"
"[T]hey left the station to respond to an emergency call and, in a rush,
 left grease burning on the stove"

6. "Firefighters return to find station on fire"
"Firefighters in Dallas returned from a call to the suburbs to find a fire
 raging in their own station started by potatoes they had left cooking"

7. "Pennsylvania fire truck too big for garage"
"Officials may be in the market for a new garage to go with the fire truck
 they approved purchasing because the $557,600 aerial truck is too tall and
 heavy for the garage"

8. "Livingston station won't fit new truck"
"Though the Livingston Fire Department is happy to have a new 75-feet ladder/
 pumper truck on its way - it should arrive in the next three to four months
 - the department and the Livingston City Council now have a dilemma. The new
 truck will not fit into the existing station"