Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Getting Even

1. "Man gets his own back on crayfish"
"A man got his own back on a crayfish which gripped his penis with its pincers
 by cooking and eating the shellfish"

2. "Businessman on bulldozer levels Colorado town"
"A disgruntled businessman at the wheel of an armoured bulldozer has gone on
 a rampage through the business district in the ranching Colorado town of
 Granby, demolishing buildings and terrifying residents"

3. "Grumpy pensioner ploughs up football pitch"
"A pensioner fed up with footballs being kicked into his garden hired a
 tractor and ploughed up the pitch before planting it with wild oats"

4. "Disgruntled employee calls for strippers"
"The Shanghai Job Placement Center Monday blocked a local real estate company's
 online account after it posted a recruitment ad for female strippers on the
 center's Website last Saturday... The company claims, however, that the ad was
 posted by a recently fired employee"

5. "Lumberjack's revenge"
"An angry Austrian lumberjack used his chainsaw to reduce his boss's furniture
 to matchsticks"

6. "Ex-wife exacts ebay revenge"
"[A]fter 17 years of marriage she felt neglected by her husband, who she says
 spent their entire life savings on baseball cards and memorabilia"

7. "Motorist takes revenge on speed camera"
"A driver caught out by a speed camera pulled over, broke it open and stole
 the film"