Friday, April 30, 2004

The Webby Awards 2004 - Nominees + April Postings Reprised

1. The Webby Awards 2004 - Nominees

"Sites are evaluated based on Academy set  criteria (content, structure
 & navigation, visual design, interactivity, functionality and overall
 experience), as well as the panels own definition for the category which
 may include impact."

Winners will be announced May 12, 2004.  Check the site for past winners
from 1997 to 2003.

2. April Postings Reprised

[April Fool's 2004 - A Roundup]
* Mid-Afternoon April Fool's Roundup
* Late Afternoon/Early Evening April Fool's Roundup
* "A fine year for April Foolery"
* "Google's April 1 cock-up"
"Google's PR department ended up being the April fools when a serious post
 about its new email service was confused with an April 1 joke"

[And the Winner is ...]
* 2004 Jefferson Muzzles
Awarded to people who have attempted to limit freedom of speech
* "Book on punctuation wins award"
"A book about punctuation, an unlikely best seller in any year, has won top
 prize at the British Book Awards ceremonies"

[Ugly Zoo]
* Human Descent -> Gallery
The original source for the Ugly Zoo photoshopped gallery?