Thursday, August 5, 2004

Foiled Thieves

1. "Sixty-year-old Kung fu fighter nabs robber"
"A 60-year-old woman in China has taken the law into her own iron fists, using
 her skills as a kung fu enthusiast to catch a robber"

2. "Would-be robber attacked by customer with hammer"
"A masked gunman was hit on the head four times with a hammer after a customer
 intervened to stop an attempted robbery on a pizza shop"

3. "Cook clocks thief with wok"
"A purse snatcher was stopped cold on a Berlin street by a quick-thinking
 fast-food cook who hit the fleeing thief over the head with a wok"

4. "Man scares off robbers by faking seizure"
"An Australian man visiting a southern Chinese city scared off robbers
 demanding the security code for his ATM card by faking an epileptic

5. "Lafayette grandmother soothes burglar to sleep"
"Through prayer, milk and a banana, a 73-year-old Lafayette grandmother soothed
 a robber to sleep"

6. "'Spiderman' foiled by greased drainpipes"
"Residents of a Brazilian city have thwarted a burglar nicknamed Spiderman by
 coating their drainpipes with grease"

7. "Suspected thief stopped by junior rugby team"
"A suspected thief was tackled by a junior rugby team after they spotted him
 acting suspiciously at their ground"

8. "Suspected thief caught after chase involving 47 people"
"The chase described as 'like a scene from Benny Hill' began in Wells after a
 customer in a stationery shop spotted a man taking cash from a till"