Thursday, November 18, 2004

Pampered Pets

1. "Pampered pets get more than foreign aid recipients"
"The Australia Institute estimates that more than $2.2 billion was spent on pets
 last year, compared to the Federal Government's official development assistance
 [foreign aid] of less than $2 billion... It says the upsurge in spending on
 pets is driven by expensive products such as diamond jewellery for dogs,
 gourmet cat food, sleeping bags for ferrets and breath freshener for animals"

2. "Guide caters for pet jet set"
"The RACQ has published Travelling With Pets, which lists more than 180 holiday
 destinations where people can take their animals"

3. "Turkish horse loves chips, drink and ciggies"
"A Turkish father of two so treasures his horse that he feeds him potato crisps,
 nourishes him with a potent alcoholic drink and slips him the occasional

4. "World's first restaurant for cats"
"The café features tables where cats can try out six varieties of Meow Mix - and
 where their owners can snack on people food"

5. "Japanese dogs eat in style at canine cafe"
"The cafe, in Tokyo's fashionable Daikanyama district, now offers a menu
 prepared exclusively for dogs, including dishes such as cabbage roll and
 chicken pie"

6. "Japanese store offers £145 meal for dogs"
"Two hundred New Year's 'bento' sets are up for grabs on a first come first
 serve basis at the Mitsukoshi store"

7. "Hotel chain sees profits in pooches"
"The company is actually offering doggie beds. 'Every dog has its duvet,' it
 says. 'Besides the beds, each brand will also offer food and water bowls and
 temporary I.D. tags with hotel contact information.'"

8. "Birthday cakes for canines"
"A new company has been set up in Moscow to hand make and deliver birthday cakes
 for dogs"

9. "Brazilian pet shop sets up creche for dogs"
"A Brazilian pet shop has set up a day care centre for dogs where people can
 leave their pets while they are at work... Pet Life also has a hotel for dogs
 and a 24-hour pet hospital"

10. "Dogs 'need' yoga too"
"Some people have been bitten by a new yoga bug - the kind that allows you to
 meditate with dogs"

11. "Fat dogs queue up for footballer's therapy pool"
"A former First Division footballer says he has dozens of dogs on a waiting
 list after opening a hydrotherapy pool for overweight hounds"

12. "Pooches soak up luxury treatments at dog spa"
"Soaking in a fragrant tub scattered with flower petals, or stretched out on a
 massage table as an attentive therapist applies hot compresses - it is a dog's
 life at a spa for stressed-out Bangkok pooches in Thailand"

13. "Dog gym opens in Chile"
"A gym exclusively for dogs has opened in Santiago"

14. "Fancy dress big for dogs in Chile"
"Dog owners in a Chilean city are putting their dogs in fancy dress costumes to
 take them for walks"

15. "Pampered pooches hit the dogwalk"
"Princess Tamara Borbon and her five-year-old Yorkshire terrier Bugsy were top
 of the bill at a canine fashion show at Harrods"

16. "Show rooster gets a bath at the dog wash"
"The Kibbee's, who raise show chickens in Manhattan, saw an advertisement for
 the dog wash and decided it would work well for bathing chickens, too"