Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Close Shaves

1. "Tank crushes passenger car"
"Knut Okkenhaug, 57, had a startling brush with death when an errant tank
 flattened half of his car... Okkenhaug was extracted with the help of a
 group of refugees that were being driven past in a bus"

2. "Homeless man compacted in garbage truck survives"
"A homeless man who fell asleep in a commercial trash bin was dumped into
 the back of a garbage truck Friday and compacted - but escaped serious

3. "Woman in Dumpster picked up with trash"
"The unidentified woman was searching for her keys in a Dumpster on
 Wednesday morning when a dump truck picked up the garbage at her
 Ridgeland apartment complex - with her inside - and carried her about
 two miles"

4. "Baby's miracle escape"
"A baby escaped without a scratch after her pram was pushed 100 metres
 down the road by a lorry"

5. "Granny left dangling from 100ft drawbridge"
"A 79-year-old woman had an amazing escape after she was left dangling
 100 foot in the air from a drawbridge"

6. "Driver plunges into icy Chena"  [expired link]
"he decided to take a shortcut across the Chena River to the Princess
 Hotel, or maybe Pike's Landing. About 20 feet onto the ice, Voorhis'
 1994 Ford F-350 pickup broke through and sank up to its headlights in
 the Chena"