Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Fugitive Animals

1. "Elephant packs trunk, escapes zoo"
"The elephant took a large log from her enclosure and dropped it on an
 electric fence, making it inactive"

2. "Zoo lockdown after 'escape artist' chimp breaks free"
"The monkey business erupted on Monday afternoon when a mischievous
 15-year-old chimp called Gracie slipped out of her cage for the fourth
 time in five years and created havoc as she ran wild through the US zoo"

3. "Officers chase down teenage chimpanzee"  [expired link]
"The sanctuary is named after Cheeta, the retired chimpanzee star of a
 dozen Tarzan movies, who still resides there at age 72. The runaway
 chimp was Cheeta's 16-year-old grandson, Jeeter"

4. "Giant lizard terrorises Beirut"
"He's big, he's a carnivore, he's terrorising the neighbourhood's
 residents, he's been swimming in people's pools and he's already
 claimed victims - several cats, a dog and apparently even a horse"

5. "Fido the lizard on the loose"
"Police have warned people to stay away from a two-and-a-half stone
 monitor lizard which is on the loose in a built-up area"

6. "Tiger roams New York suburb"
"A tiger who escaped from a travelling circus roamed around a New York
 suburb for several hours before being persuaded back into his cage"

7. "Runaway tiger eludes US Army"
"The tiger has not been seen in a week despite a search that involved
 100 soldiers, trackers, trappers and police using military helicopters"

8. "Police take ten hours to track down 40mph ostrich"
"An ostrich managed to evade police for ten hours after it escaped from
 a circus in the Bulgarian capital Sofia"

9. "Swiss police wrestle runaway roo"
"Two Swiss policemen emerged scratched but contented following a day-
 long chase after a kangaroo which made a leap for freedom from a zoo"

10. "Sheep hides out in Mutton Cove, escapes dinner plate"
"Now there is the story of the sheep who 10 weeks ago escaped while
 boarding a ship at Port Adelaide and hid out the aptly named Mutton
 Cove, eating rare plants and scaring birds"