Monday, September 27, 2004

Noteworthy Wedding Receptions

1. "Couple have wedding reception at KFC"
"Newleyweds Jason and Nina Payne treated their guests to a reception at Kentucky
 Fried Chicken"

2. "A Happy Meal for the happy couple"
"Wacky newlyweds Simon and Paula Hand amazed friends and family when they held
 their wedding reception at McDonalds"

3. "Firemen called to extinguish cake"
"Staff at the Three Kings restaurant in Beauvoorde, were lighting fireworks on
 the wedding cake when a spark caught one of the fire detectors, setting off the
 alarm at the fire station in nearby Veurne"

4. "Wedding reception takes bad turn: Fight breaks out, man loses finger"
"A wedding reception in Corunna took a turn for the worse. A wedding guest bit
 off another man's finger"

5. "Melee mars wedding reception"
"A donnybrook erupted at a wedding reception Sunday night when a guest became
 enraged because he thought his girlfriend was manhandled during the traditional
 garter belt ritual"

6. "Serb pilots shot down by newly-weds"
"A two-seater sports plane on an unauthorised joyride was apparently shot down
 by mistake when it flew over a Serbian wedding party where guests were firing
 guns into the air"

7. "Bride whisked to reception in giant yellow digger"
"A bride who asked for a chauffeur driven limo to pick her up from church was
 stunned when a giant yellow digger arrived instead"

8. "Newly-weds hitch to reception after car confiscated"
"A newly-wed couple had to hitch a ride to their reception after their ribbon
-decked wedding car was confiscated under Queensland state's tough new
 'anti-hoon' laws"

9. "Underprivileged say 'I do' to lavish wedding banquet"
"About 200 underprivileged children and elderly people and have become
 unexpected guests at a wedding banquet in an upmarket Singapore hotel on
 Saturday after the bride and groom reportedly forgot to cancel their booking"