Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Misuse of Equipment + February Postings Reprised

A. Misuse of Equipment

1. "Army pilot rap over pizza flight"
"A lieutenant has been disciplined after using an Army helicopter to deliver
 a pizza to his girlfriend"

2. "Firetruck 'used to fetch pizza'"
"'Apparently the firefighter decided to take the pumper to a pizza shop at
 Maroubra Junction for a bite to eat,' a relieving fire officer said in a
 letter of complaint to Emergency Services Minister"

3. "Memphis firefighters land in hot water"
"The Memphis Fire Department has reprimanded 19 firefighters for wearing
 department equipment while performing 'unbecoming' acts at a racy fashion
 show benefit"

4. "Man arrested for stealing dad's police cruiser"
"A police officer's son stole his dad's cruiser in the middle of the night
 and used it to pull over his ex-girlfriend"

5. "Croatian teenager uses his dad's uniform to fine motorists"
"A Croatian teenager has been arrested after taking his dad's police uniform
 and stop sign and using it to collect fines from motorists"

B. February Postings Reprised

[If At First You Don't Succeed...]
* "Student graduates after 20 years"
"A law student from La Plata in Argentina has finally graduated after spending
 20 years on a course"
* "Manure pile finally burns out"
"It took nearly four months, but to the relief of neighbors miles around, a
 burning manure pile has been extinguished"

[Just the Ticket]
* "Car gets over £1K fines in 4 weeks"
"A car has picked up £1,680 parking tickets in four weeks"

[Love is a Sickness]
* "Farmer kanga-woos wife"
"'I just thought my wife already has everything a woman can dream about - me,
 of course, and our three daughters, whom I gave her many years ago - so I
 decided to express my everlasting love to her with two wonderful Australian
 kangaroos,' farmer Elmet Erik said just prior to Valentine's Day"