Thursday, February 17, 2005

Five-Star Zoos

1. "Dutch zoo brings in sunbed for rhinos"
"A Dutch zoo is giving its rhinoceroses sunbed treatment to make up for
 the lack of sunlight during the cold gray winter months"

2. "Moscow Zoo to have TV sets in cages"
"Gorillas in the Moscow zoo will soon watch TV programs... these programs
 are important for intellectual progress of anthropoids"

3. "Zoo serves brandy to bears"
"Authorities in state-run Chatbir zoo, in Punjab state, are offering the
 alcoholic drink to keep the animals warm"

4. "Zoo gives monkeys rum and hot massages during winter"
"Animals in a northern Indian zoo are warding off the bitter winter chill
 with hot oil massages, generous swigs of rum and heaters"

5. "Alaska Zoo to build first elephant treadmill"
"Alaska Zoo is to build what it believes to be the world's first elephant
 treadmill as part of plans to enrich its only elephant's life with better
 accommodation and activities"

6. "Baby elephant enjoys paddling pool"
"Zookeepers in Austria set up a paddling pool to keep a baby elephant cool
 during an unexpected burst of warm weather"

7. "Shy moose given assertiveness training"
"A Dutch zoo has given a shy young moose assertiveness training to help
 him fit in with the herd"