Monday, July 5, 2004

Modern Trends in Body Art + On-line exhibits of Body Art through History

A. Modern Trends in Body Art

1. "Tattoos are, like, totally boring"
"A few years ago, you went out and got a tattoo or piercing. Sure, it looked
 cool and edgy at the time - but now? ... This much is clear: if you want to
 create a little attention in the 21st century, you're going to have to do a
 lot better than that"

2. "Report: Local teens branding bodies, running health risks"
"She was branded, using a coat hanger, a blowtorch and seconds of pain"

3. "Jewellery that puts a twinkle in your eye"
"The latest fashion trend to hit the Netherlands is eyeball jewellery"

4. "Pouty bellybuttons newest fashion trend"
"During the so-called 'umbilicoplasty' surgery, doctors put a 'purse-string'
 suture around the navel to control the circumference and give it a ridge at
 the top"

5. Make me look like ...
*  "Sci-fi fan gets Spock ears"
"A sci-fi fan in China has had plastic surgery to give himself ears like Star
 Trek's Mr Spock"
*  "The real-life Barbie dolls"
"Cindy Jackson and Miles Kendall have spent about $300,000 transforming them-
 selves into copies of the best-selling dolls, undergoing 89 operations -
 ranging from jaw implants and chemical peels to liposuction"
*  "Belgian has nine ops to look like Jackson"
*  "Man undergoes plastic surgery to look like J-Lo"

B. On-line exhibits of Body Art through History

1. "Bodies of Culture: A World Tour of Body Modification"
   (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)

2. "Body Art" (Australian Museum Online)

3. "Body Art: Marks of Identity" (American Museum of Natural History)