Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Bruno's Quality Produce + Search Different

A. Bruno's Quality Produce

Many people on the list would be aware that I've been experimenting lately
growing my own fruit and vegetables.  I stumbled across this site tonight,
and it freaked me out a bit.  Check out the History page:

I have nothing to do with this site, which is for a business run by another
Bruno Andrighetto in San Francisco.  I may have to enquire to see if we're

B. Search Different

1. YaGooHoo!gle
Can be used to do a side-by-side search for both Google and Yahoo.  Using this
site I found the site above, which comes up first for my "vanity search" on
Google.  But one of my pages comes up first on Yahoo.

Another side-by-side search, for the web, books, images, movies and reference
among others.

3. amaztype
An interesting, Flash-based way to search for items on Amazon.

4. iStockphoto
Allows searching of royalty-free stock photography by colour, in addition to