Monday, January 15, 2007

Odds and Ends, Mon 15 Jan 2007

1. M-LAW's Wacky Warning Labels
The winners of the 10th annual Wacky Warning Labels contest.
Photos of the labels are shown at:

Past Winners Of M-Law's Wacky Warning Label Contests

2. The Demotivators 2007 Build-Your-Own Calendar
Make your own "motivational" calendar for 2007

3. "50pc of managers could be psychopaths: research"
"The study carried out by the British Psychological Society says such
 managers are often articulate and confident, but can be unpredictable,
 self indulgent and lacking in empathy"

4. "Sweet 'n'sour pork delivered through your post box"
"When you scratch the front of the porcine postage stamps, the 'tasty
 aroma' of sweet and sour pork is released. Lick the back and you can
 taste the famous Chinese dish, too"

5. The latest Pop-up Potpourri installments
* The -693926 Days of Christmas
* The Really Windy City

6. Software Wars
"A graphic map depicting the epic struggle of Free and Open Source
 Software (FOSS) against the Empire of Microsoft"