Monday, February 21, 2005

That's Entertainment!

Some shows you may want to see (or avoid).

1. "Theatre artist lets audience give him electric shock!"
"In a unique one-man play in Brazil the performer gets an electric shock
 every time someone in the audience makes a noise, which could be anything
 like laughter, booing, applause or even coughing"

2. "Fringe play has nothing to offer"
"Theatre-goers at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have a chance to sit back,
 relax and watch the play that offers absolutely nothing - no actors, no
 props, no sound and no plot"

3. "Theater for one"  [expirted link]
"For $20, she tells a five-minute story to a ticket holder who sits blind-
 folded in a throne-like rocking chair with hands restrained"

4. "Balloon orchestra caresses Birmingham with sleep music"
"[S]pecially composed music played from a flight of hot air balloons
 drifting over the dozing city... This year's festival includes The
 Courtesan Tales [see previous story], where audience members will be
 strapped into a rocking chair and blindfolded, while a performer sits
 on their laps and whispers stories; and The Judas Cradle, based on
 'a torture device developed in the Middle Ages'"

5. "New play invites audience to share giant bed"
"They are selected at random and have to wear blindfolds for the whole
 hour-long performance. The actors then perform different 'experiences'
 on the volunteers"

6. "Now, Maradona enters the theatre!"
"Argentine soccer icon Diego Maradona's roller coaster life has been
 transformed into a theatre play"

7. "No 'Springer' fever"
"'Jerry Springer, the Opera' - critically acclaimed and much-hyped
 during its run at London's non-profit National Theatre - isn't faring
 nearly as well in the commercial West End"

8. "Artist to screen video in Antarctica"
"An Argentine artist is to screen a spectacular month-long video
 installation - on Antarctic glaciers"