Thursday, December 23, 2004

Gift Ideas - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Stuck for ideas for presents this year?  Here are some articles that may
or may not be helpful.

1. "Robosapien punches his way to top of toy charts"
"The battery-powered robot is operated by a remote control and its seven
 motors enable it to carry out 67 actions. 'They burp and generally have
 one or two antisocial habits that parents won't approve of, which
 children love'"

2. "Perfumer corners wacky scent market"
"Ordinary air fresheners used to be British firm Dale Air's staple but
 nowadays it prefers a stench like Breath of a T-Rex, Roman Soldier's
 Armpit, or Football Changing Room"

3. "'You shouldn't have': Executives reveal the most unusual business
    gifts they've received"
"It's the thought that counts with gift giving, but some presents prompt
 the question, 'What were they thinking?'"

4. "Americans most hated birthday gifts revealed"

5. "Really bad gifts"
"Holiday shoppers should resist any temptation to buy cleaning supplies
 or fruitcake as gifts this year because they're the two most despised
 Christmas presents"

6. "Gadget Gift Guide Round Up 2004"

7. "Bookworm gets dream present"
"The Amadeus bookstore in the Austrian city of Linz opened its doors on
 Sunday exclusively for 45-year-old Angelika Frank, after her daughter
 arranged it for the book lover's birthday"

8. "US couple publish blank 96-page book about men"
"Jordan and Lindy Schweiger have written the 96-page 'Everything Men
 Knew About Taking Care of Themselves Before Women Came Along'"

9. "What were they thinking?"
Looks at some books that aren't necessarily bad, just 'dumb and
unplaceable, it's difficult to imagine book store owners knowing
what to do with them, let alone book buyers'

10. "Neighbours of Belgian airport produce CD with sounds of aircraft"
"Neighbours of a Belgian airport have produced a CD with sounds of
 landing and departing aircraft to protest against the noise that
 prevents them from sleeping"

If you need an excuse to settle for gift vouchers, mention this article:
* "So, Scrooge was right after all"
"Gift giving is irrational - unless, perhaps, you are hedging your
 bets... As an economist would put it, 'unless a gift that costs the
 giver p dollars exactly matches the way in which the recipient would
 have spent the p dollars, the gift is suboptimal'"

But if you're looking for something to get me for Christmas, here's a
gift that would make me very happy:
I'll have the 60GB model thanks ;)