Monday, August 23, 2004

Unusual Marriage Proposals

1. "Sidewalk chalk spells 'Marry Me?'"
"John Patrick McChesney is an artist who likes to hammer out beautiful wall
 sculptures in gleaming and distressed bands of copper, but on Thursday,
 his important work to date was a sketch in pastel chalk of three little words
 that had to be big enough to be seen by his muse a thousand feet away"
 (includes photo)

2. "Indy man goes extra mile to propose: Man plows question in field"
"Ryan Cole spent Saturday plowing 'Amanda Will You Marry Me?' into a Madison
 County field"  (includes photo)

3. "Woman misses marriage proposal after taking different route to work"
"The Malaysian, who is currently living in Australia where he works, made the
 offer on a huge banner hung outside the PJ Hilton hotel in Petaling Jaya"

4. "Eagle swoops on woman with marriage proposal"
"Sean Connolly had the engagement ring hidden around the neck and under the
 feathers of Wally the eagle at the Spier wine estate, near Stellenbosch"

5. "Woman ran off after basketball proposal"
"A woman who was subjected to a surprise proposal at a US basketball game
 sprinted off the court"

6. "Female streaker tries to get NZ rugby star to marry her with proposal
     written on her stomach"
"Across her belly she had scrawled 'Marry me, Richie'"  (includes photo)

7. "Man posts marriage proposal on eBay"
"A Florida woman surfing the eBay website found her boyfriend had posted a
 marriage proposal to her on it"

8. "Cop pops question with radio cupid call"  [expired link]

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